Chatterheads is a hair salon founded by two best friends, Radu & Tudor, both sharing a common passion: hairstyling. Having over 14 years of local and international experience in the field, the Chatterheads team aims a fresh perspective in hairstiling.
Our common vision is to build a competitive, pro-active, and passionate team of young hairstylists by talent scouting, educating and sharing secrets, through training and workshops.
For us, at Chatterheads, it’s about more than colors & cuts. It’s also about the people you’ll meet here. We’re socially conscious: we care about you while aiming to bring people together. We aim to surpass the traditional manifesto of a beauty salon. We dream of building a new community, a sharing environment for people with similar vision and values, beyond stereotypes. The kind of place where everybody knows and likes everybody.
Ready to step into the spotlight?
At Chatterheads, it’s all about you. Here, we offer you more than haircuts, but an entire beauty experience.
From the meaningful conversations that show us your taste and needs, the organic products we use in the making, the shared education, to the high-end services constantly aligned with international trends, Chatterheads centers the experience on you, as part of the comunity.
We offer free hair knowledge sessions. We want you to leave our salon with meaningful tips and insights on hair & self-care, besides your new hairstyle!