Tudor Leanca
Tudor is the co-founder of the Chatterheads project. Buzzing with creative ideas, a sparkling personality, and a never-ending drive to making things happen, Tudor dared to envision a different kind of hair salon: one that brings together people with the same values, a space that values aesthetics, while keeping on nurturing human touch.
His high-level practice in London, for over 3 years, brought his experience to international standards, making it easier for Tudor to reinvent his style and vision over and over again. Tudor dreams of making a memorable difference in hairstyling, whilst seeing creativity and patience, technique, and innovation as keen allies.
Radu Toma
Radu is co-founder of the Chatterheads project. He is convinced that good quality services imply a friendly and educational atmosphere.
Passionate about algebra and space geometry, having gained more than 10 years salon experience in London and Bucharest, Radu developed towards working with people. He aims to understand their needs, both aestetical and psychological ones.
Optimism, perseverance and imagination, in asociation with his very good technique, lead Radu to say and tell himself: “Let your imagination test your technique!”.